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Eye Of Horus: Comes Handy With Bonus Round And Risky Gamble Point

Welcome to the world of Eye of Horus where you get the chance to decipher some mystical symbols and some enigmatic hieroglyphs. These are well engraved on walls of the ancient tombs, giving a sense of excitement and nervousness at the same time. Enjoy the opportunity to discover some of the legendary treasures of a long and forgotten time. Be a part of the rich past, which was hidden for so many years and the loyal servants protected it! Be a part of ancient Egypt through this game.

Thanks to this classic slot game, you can easily get the chance to hit the jackpot with special scatter and some wild symbols on the go. With 3.9 ratings on 5, you can easily understand the value of this game and its popularity among the masses.

Bonus symbols to learn more:

Before you jump right into this game, it is always a clever task to learn everything about it first. That can help you to take best steps forward and go for the winning streak. One of the wild symbols has to be ancient Egyptian god, known by the name Horus. This wild symbol can stand for all kinds of symbols in this slot machine except for the scatter. This is a temple symbol.

This wild symbol can even extend to the entire roll. It helps in increasing your winning chances in Eye of Horus significantly. The temple is the scatter symbol over here and helps in activating twelve instances, whenever it appears on the 3, 4 or 5 times on any of the roller’s position. The Horus symbol can also serve a major part in this game by replacing all winning symbols, except the pyramid one.

More about the game:

There are some free sessions available, just like in any other slot games. There are three scatter symbols, which can easily appear arbitrarily on these reels. That helped the players to enter random mode. While doing so, this round is assumed to be of basic bet for all forms of examples. Other than that, there are certain additional examples available. When the Horus symbol appears on the screen, the bonus round numbers are increased by one, three or five. It solely depends on ways the symbol has appeared; once, twice or thrice.

The light of Horus is used to donate additional winning streaks to players. Each field is covered with multiple chances. So, you can win more if you plan to play a little longer.

Within the gambling mode:

Just like other slot games, Eye of Horus comes with a separate gamble mode. It is also known as a new form of risk mode, designed only for the online gamblers. Here, the players will receive two mini games just to push the profit a bit further. You get the chance to make profits instantly and move towards a big win. But, there is one important point to note. Whoever fails to win the mini game will lose the winnings of that said round, as well.  Now, that’s a bit risky, but it’s all worth it.

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