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MMA: The Truth About The Sport

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has taken the world by storm. The sport of mixed martial arts is not really new as the first UFC event took place in 1993. However, it took more than a full decade for the sport to garner mainstream appeal. Today, that appeal translates into huge pay per view buys. Fans all over the world have embraced the sport. Even bookie bets free online offers are made available to those who wish to place a wager on upcoming fights. Then, there are those not all that sold on the new sport. The common gripe they may have about the sport is its perceived violence level. The key word here is ”perceived” because it is not anywhere near as violent as some believe it to be.

MMA is a combat sport that combines striking and grappling arts. The best way to describe the sport to those who might not be all that familiar with it is a combining of boxing, kickboxing, amateur wrestling, and judo. Unfortunately, there is a belief among some that this sport in nothing more that brutal cagefighting, which is how the sport is portrayed in a number of B grade movies. Media reports about the sport are sometimes far from flattering. Images of bloody and battered fighters become frequent images because they aid in selling a salacious story. Of course, out of the thousands of matches held over the years, there are going to be bouts where fighters suffer a cut. Instances such as these are the exception and not the rule.

The real truth is the sport of MMA is exactly that, a sport. A great deal of skill is required to rise to the level of a professional and the athletes are very well rounded fighters. No bookie bets free online offers would ever be made available if the sport was little more than series of out of control brawls. MMA fighters are skilled at stand up, takedowns, ground submissions, clinch work, and closer quarter fighting. The conditioning of the average MMA fighter is very high and achieved thanks largely to the rigorous training they take part in. Calling these fighters anything less than legitimate athletes is simply being unfair to them.

Those looking for a new sport to watch or wager on may wish to check out a MMA event. After one viewing, even a disinterested watcher can quickly become a rabid fan. Yes, the sport really is that exciting.

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